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Product Description

CHIC-JAZZ police bike

       As a heavyweight product, CHIC-JAZZ which is police bike  has a luxury shape and is equipped with advanced technology, which is  two wheels personal electric transportation scooter for Golf,Police.20-inch cushion tire ensures to keep the shock rate at the lowest level. And the improved dynamic balance system guarantees excellent performance


Police bike 
1.with zero-emissions for personal, business , sport and patrol use

2.Green product (Electric, healthy)

3.No pollution and zero consumption

4.CE & ROHS&FCC &C-TICK certification

5.Off road tires

6. High quality 




Packing size




Ground clearance


Platform height


Tire size

20in/52cm Vacuum Tire





Max Load(include rider and belongings)


Min Load




Maximum speed limit


Range(terrain, riding style and payload may effect range)


Minimus turning radius


Max climbing limit




Stored temperature


Charged temperature


Operated temperature


The dust and water protection class




Charging voltage


Battery voltage




Battery capacity


The number of Charge

1500 times

Charging time


Battery Quantity



G.W: 76 kg


Our Services


-Sample lead time: about 3-5 days

- Mass production: Usually 10-20 days after getting the deposit and confirm the samples depend on the QTY and design

- Payment terms: T/T 30%deposit and 70%balance before deliver from factory for the first order.



The warranty for self-balancing scooter is one year, includes battery is also one year.



Question 1: This car battery is fully charged, the battery can run far, how fast?

Speed of 15 km / h, the speed can be adjusted freely with their own bodies. 3-4hours after each charge can, filled with a battery can run for about 3 hours, about 25Km,Balancing vehicle for low-speed vehicles, with all similar products same, programs speed up to 5.6 meters per second.


Question 2: This car how to play? You can turn, brake, reverse it, a good control of it?

CHIC-JAZZ applies an accurate dynamic self-balancing technology to sense the lean of the rider with the assistance of inner gyroscopes and accelerometers. Basically the CHIC-LS works like the human body. When walking, if you lean forward, you take a step forward to keep your balance. If you lean back, you step back. On an CHIC-LX when you lean forward or back the machine powers the wheels in the direction that you lean.


Question 3: This car safe?

Balanced cars have the speed limit, the speed limit or less are safe, the speed limit is reached when the body is automatically looked up to the speed limit, this time not to force illegal acceleration.


Question 4: On the road traffic police will catch you?

Balanced car belongs to a very new thing, there is no uniform definition of domestic and foreign, mainly by electric vehicle management, we often hit the road test, the traffic police no problem. Many customers as a means of transport, there is no occurrence of any event seized by traffic police.


Question 5: you can return it?

Sorry, balanced car belonging to a special commodity, after use can not be resold, so before buying Please consider the good, the annual sales of the first, the failure rate is very low, in case of damage, we are responsible for repair and Out of guarantee period, customer need pay a reasonable fee for repair.


Two wheels balance vehicle requires the user to do routine maintenance.
Before you perform the following operations, ensure the power and charging cable is disconnected. If the power or the battery is charging, the operation is not allowed.
1) Please follow these steps:
Disconnect the charger and turn off CHIC MODEL Vehicle.
Adjust the handle and fold it, which will make it easy to carry,
2) Maintain Wheels
Check tire assembly regularly, shaking the tire along the axial direction,
Observing whether the tire is ok, if not, tightening the mounting screws.
Regularly check tire regularly,
If the tire leak or damaged seriously, please contact the service department for replacement.
3) Clean CHIC MODEL Vehicle.
l Disconnect the charger and turn off CHIC MODEL Vehicle.
l Wipe the cover.
l Avoid using water or other liquids on the CHIC MODEL Vehicle for cleaning. If water or other liquids seep into the car, it will cause permanent damage to the internal electronics.
Store CHIC MODEL Vehicle
l Fully charge your battery before storing.
l If you store CHIC MODEL Vehicle more than one month, please remove the battery and charge it at least every three month.
l If the storage ambient temperature is below 0 ℃, please do not charge. You can bring the vehicle into a warm environment(above 10 ℃) for charging
To prevent dust coming, you can cover CHIC MODEL Vehicle.
4)  Store CHIC MODEL Vehicle indoors, a dry and suitable temperature. If you do not use it for a long time, please do not connect the power.
5) Users who disassemble CHIC MODEL Vehicle without permission will regarded as giving up the right of warranty.



1. Please follow the related content in "Product Manual" and "Safety Videos" you will be able to drive CHIC MODEL Vehicle safely. We strongly recommend that you should read the "Product Manual" and watch "Safety videos" carefully before riding at the first time. Checking whether tires are damaged, parts are loose before driving. If there is any abnormal situation, please contact local dealer for repair.
2. Please carefully read the "Product Manual" and watch safety videos, which will help you to get a lot of important safety information, such as speed limits, vibration alert, safety shutdown, etc.
3. Every part should be installed correctly before using.
4. Do not make any use of CHIC MODEL Vehicle to endanger the safety of persons or property.
5. Do not modify the parts of CHIC MODEL Vehicle randomly, it will affect the performance of CHIC MODEL Vehicle, even causes serious injury.



According to your demand, additional function will be assembled as follow:
Built-in functionality:
GPS, Timer function, Vehicle coding function, leasing company code
External equipment:

Used for golf purpose or police purpose


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